Alborada Protectora Aragonesa de Animales is a beneficial association aimed at contributing to animal defence. All our available resources are used for this purpose. Also, our performance depends on these resources. We consider our mission as integrated in nature defence and this eventually contributes to mankind. Our goal is improving awareness and fostering right attitudes towards our natural heritage.

Our aims are:

  • To prevent and eradicate animal cruelty through by defending, educating, giving information and raising animal awareness.
  • To fight against animal abandoning, in two ways: preventing and correcting.
  • To promote law enforcement and improvement.

Our compromises are:

  • 100% of our activities aimed at animal defence.
  • 100% of animals are adopted by responsible families.
  • 100% of ill animals get a treatment.
  • 0 animals euthanized without veterinarian prescription to avoid animal suffering.
  • We keep a clear account: we inform our members of our financial situation and our activities every four months.


President: Mar García

Vice president: Isabel Sanz

Secretary: Mari Cruz Moreno

Treasurer: Vicente Puyal

Vocal members:
  • Esther Cascarosa
  • Isabel Guillén
  • Cristina Usón

  • Agustín Felices
  • Óscar Gracia

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    A él le debes ser merecedor de tal devoción. NO ABANDONES !!!

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