Martin is back alter having been adopted as a kitten, three years ago. His last owner is about to give birth to a child. They say that he was sad and tired and at the end the vet said that he is ill with FUS (feline urinate syndrome). For further information, click on this link: HERE.

Even though on the pictures he doesn't look like, he is a big cat that weights 7 Kg. He has got log fur so he must be daily brushed to avoid knots, he hates them. He is as nice, docile and affectionate as big.

The vet told us that now he is much more relaxed. He is living with other cats and a female dog right now. He likes walking the flat looking for someone to whom he can steal a bed. Next stolen bed can be yours. Come on, adopt me!!

He will be given de-wormed, vaccinated, castrated and blood-tested. Before the adoption, a questionnaire and a contract will be filled. Our Association will check that the animal is in good conditions after the adoption.

Born in 2008.
In Alborada since April 2012.



Él es tu amigo, tu compañero, tu defensor, tu perro. Tú eres su vida, su amor, su líder. Él será tuyo siempre, fiel y sincero, hasta el último latido de su corazón.
A él le debes ser merecedor de tal devoción. NO ABANDONES !!!

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