His owners left to Peru with the purpose of getting a job. Some relatives were in charge of taking care of Yoigo and sending him to Peru after some time, but it was impossible at the end.

He is a medium size dog. He is affectionate and playful. He loves bringing toys inviting you to play with him. But be careful when taking a nap. If you cover yourself with a blanquet, he will steal it. He loves stealing your socks as well, taking care of children and watching you at home. He gets well with cats and other dogs and he is not noisy or nervous when you leave.

He will be happier if at home there is a balcony to see the street and sunbathe. He is the happiest sleeping with the sun on his belly. He also loves to be walked for long and to play with a ball.

We give her in adoption castrated, wormed, deloused, vaccinated, tested for leishmania and filariae (negative) and chipped.

Date of entering: 01/06/10


Él es tu amigo, tu compañero, tu defensor, tu perro. Tú eres su vida, su amor, su líder. Él será tuyo siempre, fiel y sincero, hasta el último latido de su corazón.
A él le debes ser merecedor de tal devoción. NO ABANDONES !!!

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