Violeta appeared one month later than her brothers did. We guess that she was kept longer with her mother so she is bigger. When she came in, she was frightened and very docile. She just wanted to be held.

Through living with people and other dogs she has became a charming and affectionate dog. She is kind, outgoing, playful and all the positive adjectives. She has amazingly changed.

She will be given wormed/deloused, chipped and under the compromise of being castrated at an appropriate age.

Date of birth: 15/05/2010
Date of entering: 1/08/2010



Él es tu amigo, tu compañero, tu defensor, tu perro. Tú eres su vida, su amor, su líder. Él será tuyo siempre, fiel y sincero, hasta el último latido de su corazón.
A él le debes ser merecedor de tal devoción. NO ABANDONES !!!

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