By the time that the animal shelter in Huesca was about to close, Alborada hosted several dogs. Peppa was among them. She is a young and attractive female German Shepherd of deep eyes. She is active and playfull, and she loves rolling on the grass as cats do. She is very affectionale and lovey-carey.

She is positive in leishmania but she is under control and she can as much as she likes. She lives in Zaragoza. She will be given vaccinated, chipped and sterilized. The candidates will be visited by us and will be asked to fill in a questionary.

Date of entering in Alborada: 15.01.2011

Date of birth: 8/10/2006



Él es tu amigo, tu compañero, tu defensor, tu perro. Tú eres su vida, su amor, su líder. Él será tuyo siempre, fiel y sincero, hasta el último latido de su corazón.
A él le debes ser merecedor de tal devoción. NO ABANDONES !!!

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